Protector SLR 11 GW 2024 90mm

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The new Protector SLR 11 GW binding with Full Heel Release (FHR) technology offers maximum safety thanks to constant release values in forward and especially backward turning falls, thus ensuring less stress on the knees and safer skiing. Thanks to the intelligent 180° heel release, horizontal and vertical, the load on the knee is significantly reduced, ensuring safer skiing. This leads to a significant reduction and mitigation of knee injuries. The included SuperLiteRail Base, the Protector SLR 11 GW SET can be mounted on all flat skis.


DIN Range: 3 - 11
Brake Width: 90mm
Weight: 975g

Full Heel Release Technology: Delivers intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically ensuring maximum safety in forward and backward twisting fall situations. The FHR function can reduce ACL strain by more than 50%.

TRP Toe System: The Tyrolia Roller Pincer Toe System (TRP System) with its four rollers allows a 180° release and exact centering of the ski boot. The TRP system reduces the load on knees and ligaments and improves performance considerably.

Full Diagonal Toe: The Tyrolia Full Diagonal Release function delivers intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically.

Anti-Friction Slider: The Tyrolia Anti-Friction Slider (AFS) provides not only secure boot release but also rapid and exact boot re-centering. For better safety and reliability.