Suburban Staff Favorite Skis

The Suburban Sports Staff's handpicked selection of our absolute favorite skis & snowboards! As ski enthusiasts who have traversed mountains, conquered slopes, trees, and reveled in the joy of plowing through fresh powder, we bring you a curated collection of ski reviews that have earned our staff's seal of approval. Each recommendation is a testament to the passion and dedication we share for the slopes. Get ready to glide through our staff's favorite picks, ensuring your next ski season is nothing short of extraordinary.

Head Kore 87 2024 ski

Head Kore 87

If you’re like me and you like a lighter weight but still hard carving and stiffer ski, I would highly recommend the Kore 87. This ski is super responsive and holds an edge well, and thanks to the multiple layers of carbon, its not heavy either. This ski handles fantastic at speed without any chatter and plows through crud like it wasn’t even there. It’s perfect option from New England ice (like often seen on the North Face of Mount Snow) to weaving through the trees. This ski has handled everything I’ve thrown at it and is my go-to everyday ripper. You won’t regret adding this ski to your quiver! - Jordan


Blizzard Rustler 9 2024 ski

Blizzard Rustler 9

I'm an all mountain aggressive skier who likes steep groomers, bumps, and trees. This is a great all mountain ski. Medium weight, 96mm ski width under foot with quite a bit of tip and tail rocker. Very maneuverable ski that is easy to turn on groomed trails and nice and quick turning in bumps and trees. Finally, have demoed other skis this season and nothing has been as fun to ski as these new Rustlers. Highly recommend! - Bert

Faction Dancer 2 2024 ski

Faction Dancer 2

The Dancer 2 is a good balance of all mountain shred and freeride exploration. Although an all mountain ski by nature, with a snappier response and excellent carving attitude, the Dancer 2 is a great pick for those looking to have fun on typical New England conditions! - Ethan

Stockli Stormrider 88 2024 ski

Stockli Stormrider 88

I purchased a pair of Stockli Stormrider 88's after taking a year off due to ACL surgery. I'd heard a lot of positive feedback from Stockli skiers and decided to bite the bullet! I couldn't be happier with my decision. Beginning with the first run, the Stormriders performed flawlessly in our Northeast conditions. The edges were firm in our hard pack and somewhat icy conditions. When initiating a turn, the skis "knew what to do". I found the skis exceptional under speed, very little chatter and virtually no lateral movement. This ski is by far the best ski I have owned in my 58 years on the slopes. - Bob

Volkl M6 Mantra 2024 ski

Volkl M6 Mantra

"Don't leave home without it" If you're hard charging and not afraid of anything, then the M6 Mantra is the best ski on the market. This all-mountain ski is 96mm under foot but doesn't slack with initiation. Compared to the last generation M5, this Mantra will turn without hesitation and rips through any crud that gets in its way. Because of its new 3D design, the Mantra is lighter and more nimble than ever without giving up any stability. This is my everyday driver in New England. Begin the year on hard groomers or slay the packed powder throughout the season, I will never give this ski up until there is a powder day! - Dave

Atomic Maverick 88 2024 ski

Atomic Maverick 88

My top pick for 'All Around' skiing in New England is the Atomic Maverick 88 Ti. The combination of overall terrain compliance and powerful edge performance adds to the easy turn initiation & release that makes this ski the enjoyable one-ski quiver. Wide enough to handle soft snow & crud, the 'sweet spot' turn radius keeps it quick on the groomers, fun in the bumps, and stable enough for an occasional exciting trip through the park jumps & half pipe. The "BEST" for 'All-Around' fun! - Keith

Atomic Bent Chetler 110 2024 ski

Atomic Bent Chetler 110

My top pick for powder days is the Atomic Bent Chetler 110. Super slick design makes for unmatched performance in the soft stuff while still responsive riding the groomers to get to the next deep drop. Take it to the next level 'Surfer Style' rippin' the steeps and white waves through the trees. Feel the vibe, grab some glory daze, and wear the smile 'cause you know everyone wants what you got... "GET BENT" - Keith

Rossignol Forza 70 ski

Rossignol Forza 70

I get excited when conditions are know it's going to be fast. The Rossignol Forza is the ski to confidently rip lots of hard, fast turns on all terrain. The quick turn initiation is so responsive and the powerful turn finish sets you up to hit another & another and...the tip compliance and reliable edge performance keep it smooth while boosting your game. Own the ski universe - may the FORZA be with you. - Keith

Atomic Redster Q9.8 Revoshock 2024 ski

Atomic Redster Q9.8

Stable and willing turn initiation. No drama at speed, wants to continue turning. The Revoshock system adopted from the Redster G9 and S9 race skis works well here, no chatter or vibration at higher speeds. The combination woodcore and titanal layup of the ski results in a heavy and damp ski. A bit of wander and darty on the flats but absolutely slays the groomers. A near-race ski with good versatility. - Bill

Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition ski

Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition

Great versatile ski to do anything on the East Coast. Holds an edge while carving but also has enough width underfoot to take on some of that East Coast powder in the woods. The four carbon rods add stiffness to the ski while still keeping it light. I mounted a pair of Shift hybrid touring bindings on it for a setup that has great downhill performance in the resort but has the capability to backcountry tour. The Ripstick 96 Black is a great ski to take everywhere, every day. - Patrick

Armada ARV 94 ski

Armada ARV 94

In 2024 armada took their tried and trusted ARV formula and gave it a full makeover. The ARV 94 is a hardcore park ski meant to be pushed to its limits. As a big park skier I was excited to try the new 94 and I quickly found that I feel right at home on big kickers and technical rails with this ski. The tight turning camber profile allows for good air control on jumps, and consistent rail hits. When Armada redesigned the ski they took durability to the next level with wedge wall technology which prevents cracked and blown out edges. I put this to the test this season because I tend to break a lot of skis in the park and found these by far lasted the longest. Another feature the ski offers is a flat wide tip for a flexy and predicable pop when doing butters. If you are looking for the best all around park ripper the ARV 94 is the ski for you. - Ryder

Atomic Redster Q9.8 Revoshock 2024 ski

Atomic Redster Q9.8

I took the Redster Q9’s out for a dozen runs at Mount Southington. They performed very well, allowing quick cuts both GS and Slalom turns. While Southington is small in nature, the top to bottom runs were very enjoyable with excellent edge control and gliding at faster speeds. Again, another beer league option for the non-fanatic ski racer who wants the quick cutting ability and optimal edge control. The 176 length would perform well at higher speeds and longer runs, although depending on the type of skier you are, the more aggressive you’ll appreciate the longer skis. - Don

Volkl Blaze 94 ski

Volkl Blaze 94

The Blaze has very little camber but a considerable amount of rocker. There’s no metal fore and aft; it’s all underfoot so it’s a very quick turning ski. It doesn’t look like a carving ski, but it CARVES. Just stay in the driver's seat. It’s quite light so it’s a good uphill ski if you’re so inclined. It’s also a good ski for the trees and moguls. I’ve been very impressed with what is a true all-mountain ski. - Jim

Head World Cup Rebels E-Speed Pro ski

Head World Cup Rebels E-Speed Pro

The e-Speed was a perfect ski for a fun day at Ski Butternut. Great for cruising and quick cuts, the edges held firm and you can turn them on a dime. I’d recommend them for anyone doing local skiing, Mohawk, Sundown and Butternut. If I were going north and doing longer runs, I’d recommend a longer ski 177-180 to hold better at speeds. They’d perform nicely as a beer league race ski as well if you're looking for quick cuts and edge control - any length you're comfortable with. I’d ski them again in a heartbeat. - Don

Bataleon Disaster snowboard

Bataleon Disaster

The Disaster is a super flexy and playful park board. Great for anything park related from jumps to rails to butters for days. If you want a board that you can throw around with big spins and fun tricks the disaster is the board for you. Easy to maneuver and all around great board for either beginners or park rats. - TJ

Line Blade Optic ski

Line Blade Optic 92

I am a 6' 1" 200 lbs ex racer, experienced all mountain skier. I am shining light on a 'diamond in the rough', the Line Blade Optic 92. This unique ski is a powerful 92mm carver on all conditions with great edge hold & stability at all speeds! - Paul

Atomic Bent 100 ski

Atomic Bent 100

The Bent Chetler 100 is the first choice of so many of the top free-skiers in the world for a reason; it’s the most fun, versatile ski that you can get for the money. I find that the Bent 100 is a playful and energizing ski to ride that has me checking the forecast for fresh snow every day. Personally, I use the Bent 100 to chase east coast powder in the trees which is something they excel at. Although, I feel very confident pulling these skis out when conditions aren’t ideal as they feel much more composed than the average freeride ski. - Peter

Rome Freaker snowboard

Rome Freaker

This board is awesome. A directional twin with some good stiffness, especially in the tip and tail. Made for quick turns in steep chutes and no fall situations. Response is unforgiving, definitely a more experienced board. Rides a little long, so I would recommend downsizing at least one size. I ride a 156 for my daily driver, and this board would function on the mountain best at maybe a 155, and a 159 or 161 if you are packing it to the backcountry for some powder turns. - Dani

Faction Dancer 1X ski

Faction Dancer 1X

What is not to like about this ski! As a beginner, I can safely say that this ski is just the right amount of forgiveness to learn on, with the right amount of stiffness to help perfect judgment. The amount of tip rocker keeps the chatter down to a minimum, and would probably be a lot of fun in the light and fluffy stuff. By far the best ski on our floor right now. At least for me. - Dani

Atomic Maverick 95 Ti ski

Atomic Maverick 95 Ti

This is an all mountain ski that can take anything you throw at it. From hard pack to powder, this ski is quick, agile, and responsive. It’s stable at speeds yet easy to initiate turns when cruising at slower speeds. Nothing they can’t handle. This ski also has just enough tip and tail rocker to smooth out the turn entry and release. Get yourself a pair now! - Dane

Stockli Montero AR ski

Stockli Montero AR

All mountain playful carving machine. This ski is a pleasure to rip turns on and can really ski the whole mountain from groomers to bumps and enough float to handle power days as well. Stockli high quality build guarantees years fun on this ski. It’s a smooth carving ski eagerly awaited the next adventure. - Dane

Armada ARV 106 ski

Armada ARV 106

My favorite ski on our 2023/2024 wall is the Armada ARV 106. The Arv series has been a stable for Armada since it was first introduced. While the narrower skis in the Arv collection focus on freestyle the ARV 106 is a true all mountain freeride ski like it’s bigger brother the Arv 116JJ. The ARV 106 allows you to tackle all conditions from a powder day to ripping fresh groomers. That said the 106 can also send it off large features while still being playful and able to butter and smear across the mountain - Simon