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There's lots of different types of bikes out there, but which is right for you? Here we'll help you explore the various bike categories available at Suburban Ski and Bike.


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Hybrid bikes are a cross between mountain bikes and road bikes - essentially giving you a comfortable, stable, all-purpose bike. Hybrid bikes are great for commuting to work on weekdays, and perfect for riding around town with the family on weekends. Some models often include a small front fork suspension for more stability on slightly variable terrain.


The geometry and contact points on these bikes are geared for maximum comfort! Comfort bikes feature a lower seat position, higher handlebars, and higher volume tires for a more stable feel while leisurely cruising around town. There bikes are ideal for adult beginners, those prioritizing comfort, and individuals with mobility limitations.


E-bikes, or electric bikes, are essentially motorized bikes with a battery-powered, rechargeable, electric motor. Although different types exist, the most common e-bikes typically assist with pedaling and propulsion, with typical top speeds between 20-28 mph! There are many different types of bikes available within the e-bike category depending on cycling discipline and intended use. Laws and regulations vary regarding electric bikes so be sure to check your state and local resources for important information.

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We love to see the kiddos getting on some wheels at an early age! Junior bikes are built to be durable, lightweight, and stable, with standard wheel sizing being between 12"-24". For the little ones, models often come with removable training wheels for added support when they're first starting out. Kid's bikes are typically simple, all-purpose rides, but you can find them for many specific disciplines as well!


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Mountain bikes, with their wider tires and heavier, more durable frames, are made for rough, rugged terrain and forest trails. These bikes come in a variety of sub-categories for different MTB disciplines, they can have full suspension (front and rear) or just front fork suspension, and they typically come in 26", 27.5", or 29" wheel sizes.


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Also known as 29ers, the 29" full suspension mountain bike is a mountain bike in it's own category! These larger wheels pave the way for a variety of features such as increased traction, better performance on highly technical trails, faster downhill speeds, increased maneuverability over large obstacles, and better stability on more demanding terrain.


BMX bikes are primarily trick bikes. Typically featuring a small frame and 20" wheels, you can find these bikes doing some sick tricks, spins, and jumps at the local skate park. You won't find any suspension on these bikes, but they do allow you to pedal both forward and backward!


MTB meets BMX to make the dirt jumper! It's like a freestyle oriented mountain bike, made for going big on (you guessed it)… dirt jumps! You can also find this bike at the skate park and the pump track. It's got a shorter seat tube, longer fork, with front fork suspension.


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Road and gravel bikes are built for going fast and far! They feature lightweight frames and components, and narrow wheels. Road bikes are ideal for smooth, paved road riding, while gravel bikes tend to have slightly wider tires with a bit more tread to accommodate riding on variable road conditions like... gravel!

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Not sure what size bike you need? Not a problem, we've put together guides for each category and placed them here for your reference. 






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