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There's lots of different types of bikes out there, but which is right for you? Here we'll help you explore the various bike categories available at Suburban Ski and Bike.


Hybrid bikes

A hybrid bike is a versatile bicycle that combines features from both mountain bikes and road bikes, offering a balanced blend of comfort and efficiency. With a hybrid bike, riders can enjoy the stability and upright riding position similar to a mountain bike, along with the faster rolling characteristics and lighter frame typical of road bikes. These bikes are designed for various terrains, making them ideal for commuting, leisurely rides around town, light off-road trails, and fitness purposes. Hybrid bikes often come with features like flat handlebars, medium-width tires, and a wide range of gears, providing riders with a comfortable and efficient riding experience across different environments. Overall, hybrid bikes offer a practical and adaptable option for cyclists seeking a single bike capable of handling diverse riding conditions.


Comfort & Cruiser bikes

A comfort bike is designed with maximum comfort in mind, prioritizing a relaxed and ergonomic riding experience. These bicycles feature a lower seat position, higher handlebars, and wider tires compared to traditional road bikes, promoting a more upright posture that reduces strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. Comfort bikes are ideal for leisurely rides around town, recreational cycling, and short commutes. They typically come equipped with features such as plush saddles, suspension forks, and ergonomic grips to dampen vibrations and absorb road imperfections, enhancing overall ride comfort. Comfort bikes feature a lower frame design, making mounting and dismounting easier, particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues.



E-bikes integrate electric motors into traditional bicycles, providing pedal assistance for easier and faster riding. With speeds up to 28 mph, they're perfect for commuters and recreational cyclists alike. Their electric assistance makes cycling more accessible to people with mobility limitations, promoting active lifestyles. Additionally, e-bikes offer environmental benefits by reducing emissions and congestion. Overall, they provide a convenient, eco-friendly, and inclusive transportation option for riders of all abilities.

Electric bikes have expanded to the world of hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes! E-mountain bikes (e-MTBs) take the capabilities of electric bikes to rough terrain, offering pedal-assisted power for conquering challenging trails with ease. These bikes combine the agility and durability of traditional mountain bikes with the added boost of electric motors, enabling riders to tackle steep inclines and technical descents with confidence.

E-bikes come in 3 different classifications, class 1-3:

Class 1: Pedal assist up to 20 mph

Class 2: Pedal assist & thumb throttle up to 20 mph

Class 3: Pedal assist up to 28 mph


Kids bikes at Suburban

We love to see the kiddos getting on some wheels at an early age! Junior bikes are built to be durable, lightweight, and stable, with standard wheel sizing being between 12"-24". For the little ones, models often come with removable training wheels for added support when they're first starting out. Kid's bikes are typically simple, all-purpose rides, but you can find them for many specific disciplines as well!


Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes are agile off-road bicycles with a front suspension fork, perfect for tackling rugged trails. Hardtails excel on smooth or moderately rough trails, offering a lively and engaging ride that encourages aggressive cornering and maneuverability. With the front suspension fork absorbing impacts from rocks, roots, and uneven terrain, riders can maintain traction and control over challenging sections, enhancing confidence and performance on the trail. They offer a lightweight and responsive ride, ideal for climbing steep inclines and navigating technical terrain.  They offer a choice of wheel size, typically 27.5 inches or 29 inches, further influences the bike's handling characteristics and rollover ability over obstacles.


Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

The full suspension mountain bike is a mountain bike in it's own category! Full suspension mountain bikes, are high-performance off-road bicycles equipped with both front and rear suspension systems, providing enhanced comfort, traction, and control on rough terrain. Unlike hardtail bikes, which only have front suspension forks, full-suspension bikes feature a rear shock that complements the front suspension, allowing the bike to soak up bumps and impacts from both the front and rear wheels. Full-suspension bikes excel in demanding trail conditions, including rocky descents, root-filled singletrack, and aggressive downhill courses. Full suspension mountain bikes are typically offered in 27.5" & 29" wheels. The main difference between 27.5-inch and 29-inch mountain bike wheels lies in their size and how they affect the riding experience.

27.5" wheels offer nimble handling and quick acceleration, making them ideal for technical trails with tight turns. They provide a lower center of gravity for enhanced maneuverability and responsiveness.

29" wheels prioritize momentum and stability, rolling over obstacles more easily and maintaining speed on rough terrain. They offer increased traction and comfort, particularly on rocky surfaces, and carry speed efficiently for cross-country riding. 29" wheels also have a shallower angle of attack, reducing the impact of bumps and improving overall comfort on the trail.


Road & Gravel Bikes

Road bikes are sleek, high-performance bicycles designed for riding on paved roads. They feature lightweight frames, narrow tires, and drop handlebars for an aerodynamic riding position, ideal for speed and efficiency. With responsive handling and multiple gears, road bikes excel in road racing, group rides, and endurance cycling events. While road bikes are primarily designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads, they are also suitable for long-distance touring and commuting, thanks to their lightweight construction and ability to cover ground quickly. Road bikes come with a variety of component options such as disc brakes, carbon forks/frames, and electronic shifting. Disc brakes offer superior braking performance, particularly in wet conditions, ensuring safety and control during descents. Carbon forks, provide a smoother ride by dampening vibrations and reducing weight. They also enhance handling and power transfer, improving overall performance and comfort for riders.


Gravel bikes are versatile bicycles designed for various terrains, from paved roads to gravel paths and trails. They feature wider tires, relaxed geometry, and durable frames for stability and comfort on uneven surfaces. With disc brakes and mounting points for gear, they're ideal for adventure riding, bikepacking, and touring. Gravel bikes offer a comfortable and capable riding experience for exploring mixed terrain and embarking on off-road adventures.

Bike Sizing Guides

Not sure what size bike you need? Not a problem, we've put together guides for each category and placed them here for your reference. 





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