WCR Lite SL 3D Pink 100cm


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Push past Slalom gates with ease thanks to the WCR LITE SL 3D. The new Trigger 3D SL Compact grip offers an innovative multi-directional, '3D' release mechanism that expands the release range for greater confidence and security. A compact, ergonomic shape offers more control through a direct connection between the glove and pole. The incredibly strong 16mm Airfoil shaft will hold up to gates while reducing wind resistance and vibration. The WCR LITE SL 3D proves that big things come in small packages.


Size: 40" / 100cm
Weight (per pole): 234g @ 105cm

16mm Aluminum Shaft: Super sturdy, extremely robust and very durable.

Trigger 3D SL Compact: Slalom Grip for smaller hands with four non-slip finger grooves for optimum grip and maximum comfort. Multi-directional release mechanism for greater confidence and security.

Trigger Vario Strap: Individually adjustable Trigger S Straps for a close grip with any glove or mitt for all day comfort and control.

Performance Basket: Universal standard sized basket, perfect for ski and trekking poles. Tool-less basket replacement.

Carbide Tip: More precise pole use and perfect grip on snow and ice.