Dancer 1 2024 178cm

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The Faction Dancer 1 ski is designed for pure piste performance, offering nimble, smooth, and stable characteristics. Featuring two razor-thin sheets of titanal, a sustainably-sourced wood core, and a sprightly 86 mm waist width, it achieves an ideal blend of up-tempo energy and fluid, full-confidence handling. Whether carving through fresh corduroy or gracefully navigating late-afternoon bumps, the Dancer 1 excels. Backed by the finest and most durable Austrian construction, it is powered 100% by renewable energy.


Sidecut: 120 - 86 - 110
Turn Radius: 18m
Weight: 1720g

Lightweight Poplar Core: Poplar is a light-colored, medium-weight, durable softwood that flexes and pops nicely as well as having a whole load of vibration absorption capabilities. Used as the only wood in this core, it allows the ski to pop, butter and stomp like an all-mountain freestyle ski and also have enough torsional stability to grip impressively on the downhill

Dual Span Titanal: Titanal is one of the most sturdy metals out there. Its isotropic qualities, equally strong in all directions, mean that the ski loves being on an edge, blasts through bumps and feels stable even in changeable snow, making it the perfect chassis for a holy grail, hard-charging freeride ski

Elliptical Sidecut: Elliptical Sidecut is made up of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radii in the tip and tail of the ski. The long radius underfoot means you can pivot faster and easier, while a shorter radius in the tip and tail result in easier turn initiation. This sidecut allows for a wide variety of turn lengths, angles and mounting positions.

XL 2.5mm Edges: Fractions of a millimeter might not sound like much, but when it comes to edges, it adds up. The 2.5mm edges stack an extra 25% of height on top of our already super-durable standard 2.0mm edges. This extra steel gives the rider a pair of skis that are going to take more abuse and last longer

XL Full Strength Sidewall: A construction that places strips of protective material along the sides of each core, between the edge and the topsheet. Sidewalls provide the best possible edge hold and stability when the ski is engaged in a turn as well as protecting the woodcore, edges and topsheet from impact and outside damage.

Anti-Chip Micro-Cap: Micro-cap construction is a hybrid of a premium, sandwich sidewall construction fused with a lightweight, durable cap construction. With micro-cap, the sandwich construction provides awesome edge hold and torsional stability while the ski’s topsheet wraps around and meets the sidewall, protecting the fragile joint that can be prone to chipping.

Mustache Flex: This flex works best for most skiers. Enjoy stability in front of, and behind the binding area to provide solid edge hold. Then, we transition to smooth, progressive flex in the tips and tails to easily absorb all the different bumps and snow debris the mountain throws at you. This flex allows for an easier turn initiation and finish.

High Resistance Topsheet: The highest quality topsheet material available, and tested rigorously to ensure it stands up to regular abuse. Sourced near Faction's factories in Europe for a friendlier supply chain.