ARV 106 2024 180cm

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The Armada ARV 106 has stood as Armada's most versatile all-mountain freestyle ski since its inception, delivering an exhilarating blend of ultra-playful dynamics and stable performance. It caters to high-performance skiers who are tired of parting ways with their skis every half season. Distinguished by Smear Tech's edgeless base beveling in the tip and tail, the ARV 106 enhances soft snow performance and provides an added release. With a robust foundation featuring AR75 Sidewall construction and a Poplar-Ash Core, this ski effortlessly absorbs high-speed chatter and takes on rails, walls, or concrete with ease. Whether riding the white wave or conquering the pro park, the ARV 106 thrives in every terrain it encounters.


Sidecut: 134 - 106 - 124
Turn Radius: 20.5m
Weight: 2000g

AR Freestyle Rocker: Rocker in the tip and tail is combined with positive camber underfoot, allowing for predictable, maneuverable and hook-free performance in variable snow while maintaining solid edge hold in firmer conditions.

Smear Tech: A 3D Beveled base in the tip and tail creates a unique feel in all snow conditions. Less likely to catch in crud, self-centering in deep snow and un-catchable on take-offs, Smear Tech lets you fl oat effortlessly whether sliding forwards, backwards, left or right.

2.5 Impact Edge: Oversized and specially heat-treated, this edge is built to resist impact damage in the most demanding situations.

S7 Base: Durable and low maintenance, with a speed additive for quickness.

AR75 Sidewall: Sidewalls provide improved edge pressure under the boot, while cap constuction in the tip and tail provides smooth turn initiation and less hookiness - 75% sidewall, 25% cap.

Poplar Ash Core: Lightweight Poplar is combined with higher density full-length Ash stringers to create an impossibly lively ski that has all the power needed for boosting to new elevations.
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