Warden 11 MNC 2024 Red 90mm

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The Atomic Warden 11 MN is a solid option to go with any all-mountain ski. It has an Oversized Platform and U-Power Toe – a super-wide platform that provides extra lateral power transmission, steering, flex and dampening. This platform is also 30% wider than comparable bindings so works particularly well with progressive wider skis. It also features a Low Profile Chassis, Progressive Transfer Pads and a special lightweight heel that keeps your ski nice and agile.

Brake Width: 90mm
DIN Range: 3.5 - 11
Weight (each): 960g
Sole Compatability: Multi-Norm Certified (Alpine, GripWalk, Touring, Walk-To-Ride)

Multi Norm Certified (MN): Multi Norm certified bindings are TÜV approved, meaning they fit every normed boot in the market..

Low Profile Chassis: A low stand height improves your feel for the terrain and enhances power transmission to the ski.

Manual Toe Height Adjustment: Adjustable toe height to let you switch between different boot norms.

Oversized Platform: A super-wide platform allows for maximum lateral power transmission, especially for wider skis.

Progressive Transfer Pads: Special inserts underneath the toe and heel increase damping and forgiveness.

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