BDOG 2024 172cm

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Tailored to the press and pop mastery of Phil Casabon, the Armada BDOG makes a return with a distinctive construction and shape. Featuring Phil's signature Circle Flex, the ski boasts super flexible tips and tails, complemented by straight sections in the sidecut where the pressing occurs. This design aims for maximum surface area and minimal hang-ups, allowing you to lock into transitions effortlessly in any park or urban setting. Stomp your tricks with confidence and repeat the success with the Armada BDOG.


Sidecut: 121 - 94 - 116.5
Turn Radius: 15m
Weight: 1875g

AR Freestyle Rocker: Rocker in the tip and tail is combined with positive camber underfoot, allowing for predictable, maneuverable and hook-free performance in variable snow while maintaining solid edge hold in firmer conditions.

2.5 Impact Edge: Oversized and specially heat-treated, this edge is built to resist impact damage in the most demanding situations.

S7 Base: Durable and low maintenance, with a speed additive for quickness.

AR75 Sidewall: Sidewalls provide improved edge pressure under the boot, while cap constuction in the tip and tail provides smooth turn initiation and less hookiness - 75% sidewall, 25% cap.

Poplar Ash Core: Lightweight Poplar is combined with higher density full-length Ash stringers to create an impossibly lively ski that has all the power needed for boosting to new elevations.
BDOG core