Revolt 96 2024 173cm

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The development of the Volkl Revolt 96 was a multi-year process involving various athletes and culminated in collaboration with Norwegian Øysten Braten and the Völkl Freestyle Team led by Tom Ritsch from Austria. The result is impressive, featuring a tip & tail rocker ski with a new, modern sidecut, reinforced edges, and modified flex zones. Designed for the urban playground or park, this ski excels on stair railings, park rails, or kickers next to slopes. The Revolt 96 provides ample pop and stability during take-off, elevating your performance level in freestyle endeavors.


Sidecut: 126 - 96 - 117
Turn Radius: 17m
Weight: 1950g
Rocker: Tip & Tail Rocker


Multilayer Woodcore 1 : The side wall is laminated to extremely stable layers of wood on the sides of the sandwich core. In combination with a more flexible, lighter wood built into the center of the sandwich core construction provides numerous advantages.

Full Sidewall / Minicap: Full sidewall construction with mini cap overlapping to provide best durability.

Twin Tip: Twintip construction for skiing/landing backwards.

3D Radius Sidecut: Three radii in one ski for maximum turning & speed versatility in all mountain skiing.

- Usage of long radii at tip and tail for big turns and high speed - easy steering and maneuverability, disruption resistant at the tip, no radius limitation and ease of turn exit.

- Usage of shorter radius in the center for short turns and lower speed - extremely easy to initiate short turns, strikingly agile, effortless and smooth in short turns.