AM 12 GW 2024 85mm White

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The AM 12 GW binding is designed for skiing on all slopes and is the perfect match for all all-mountain skis without an integrated base. The TYROLIA safety features such as Full Diagonal release mechanism, AFS (Anti Friction Slider) and TRP toe system ensure that you are safe on any terrain.

DIN Range: 3.5 - 12
Stand Height: 21 mm
Weight: 1980g
Color: White
Brake Width: 85mm
Sole Compatability: Alpine Adult (ISO 5355) & GripWalk (ISO 9325)

TRP Toe System: The Tyrolia Roller Pincer Toe System with its four rollers allows a 180° release and exact centering of the ski boot. The TRP system reduces the load on knees and ligaments and improves performance considerably.

Full Diagonal Toe:The Tyrolia Full Diagonal Release function delivers intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically.

Diagonal Heel: With a 150° release range, the Diagonal Heel releases directly into the direction of the fall and reduces pressure on knees and ligaments in forward twisting fall situations.