Hero SL Pole 2024 115cm

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The Rossignol Hero SL racing poles offer elite-level performance to slalom racers going for record time. A lightweight aluminum zicral shaft and carbide tip offer race-day durability, while the World Cup grip offers a secure, comfortable hold from starting gate to finish line.


Size: 46" / 115cm
Triangular Tube: Triangular shaft profile optimizes aerodynamics and strength for competitive racing.

Aluminum Zicral: Aluminum Zicral shaft construction offers a great balance of lightness, durability, and strength.

Shaft: Aluminium Zicral
Shaft Shape: Triangular
Shaft Type: Triangular profile
Shaft diameter: 18
Grip Material: Bi Material
Grip: Hero
Strap: Hero Velcro
Basket Material: Mono Material
Basket: World Cup - 54mm
Tip: Carbide

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