Shift Binding 2024 MD/LG

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The Shift snowboard bindings are crafted with a rider-first approach, ensuring that you enjoy top-notch comfort throughout the day, thanks to their lightweight straps and the specialized Shift Highback for women. Additionally, full highback rotation enables you to achieve optimal alignment with the heelside edge, resulting in improved response and control, regardless of your chosen riding stance. These bindings are thoughtfully designed to provide you with all the essentials for a comfortable, precise, and enjoyable snowboarding experience.


Flex: 4

Highback Rotation: Designed so riders can adjust their highbacks to mirror the angle of their heelside edge for maximum power transfer.

Minimist Toe Strap: Minimal one piece design snugly wraps the boot toe for smooth flexing control.

Customizable Strap Positions: 3 or more strap positions so you can customize the level of strap support you want.