Bodega BOA Brown 2024 11.5

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Buttery smooth flex with a snug and supportive fit. The Bodega is a plush, tweak happy boot with a medium flex pattern that doesn’t skimp on performance. Built with PRO F.I.T. Liners for a buttery smooth flex that still lets riders keep their foot on the gas, the Bodega is designed around the philosophy that a great boot doesn’t have to be overly firm. A favorite of park lappers and riders who want ‘melt on your foot’ out of the box comfort, the Bodega is a reliably smooth serial chiller of a boot.


Flex: 6

Focus BOA: Dual lace H-BOA boots, upper and lower zone customization which overlap at the ankle, built for maximum adjustability .

Hybrid MP M-Series Heel Lock BOA: Mid power hold to complement hybrid lacing styles, advanced heel hold and ankle support.

PRO F.I.T. Liner: Fully heat moldable for maximum snug fit and dialed-in performance. Built with Rome's SkateCuff 3D ankle support system, expandable toe box and Pro Footbeds for support and out-of-the-box comfort.

gripflex sole
Gripflex Outsole: Medium to responsive flex pattern, strategic lugs and lightweight construction.