NX 7 GW w/ Lifter B73 2024

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The NX 7 GripWalk® Lifter binding is designed for Junior competitors who want an integrated lifter on their interface-free ski bindings. Its lightweight FDC toe piece and NX heel come together to provide good power transmission and multi-directional release. It's compatible with ISO 5355 A and GripWalk® (ISO 23223 A) adult boot soles.


DIN Range: 2 - 7
Brake Width: 73mm
Weight: 880g
Sole Compatability: Alpine Adult (ISO 5355) & GripWalk Adult (ISO 23223)


Easy Step-In/Step-Out: Intuitive design with wide step-in zone offers easy entry-and-exit.

Multi-Directional Release: Look is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective 180° Multi-Directional Release in the instance of a fall.

FDC Toe Piece: The FDC toe piece offers a lighter weight design with best-in-class elastic travel and 180° multi-directional release delivering reliable retention and release for confident alpine performance.

Lightweight: Look utilizes composite materials and optimized designs to produce lightweight bindings with the highest levels of retention and release to make skiing and carrying your skis easier, with no compromise in performance or protection.

NX Technology: NX technology combines lightness and comfort of use with safety and performance.

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