Adore 12 - White

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Pedaling her first two-wheeler is one of life's great experiences, and the colorful Adore makes it easy.

A lightweight aluminum frame with a low stand-over height, plus 12-inch wheels, will make your young girl’s first bike experience comfortable and confidence inspiring. Colorful paint will catch the attention of the little lady in your life at first glance. Adore is designed for safety, stability, and comfortable pedaling. This bike is fitted with an easy to use single-speed drivetrain and mini-rider settings. A protective chainguard keeps clothing and fingers out of harm’s way. Removable training wheels let her progress when the time is right. Accessorized with a basket to carry her favorite toy and complete with a bell that lets everyone know she’s on the move.

Brakes: Coaster
Wheels: 12" x 2.25"