WCR TBS GS 3D 115cm


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A performance ski racing pole that makes going fast a lot of fun! This robust Giant Slalom pole is made with a high strength aluminum shaft and is now equipped with the NEW Trigger 3D ProG grip. The new Trigger 3D System offers an innovative multi-directional, '3D' release mechanism that expands the release range for greater confidence and security. The Airfoil profile of the pole, much like the wings of an airplane, reduces the air resistance and minimizes vibration.


Size: 46" / 115cm
Weight (per pole): 294g @ 120cm

16mm Aluminum Shaft: Super sturdy, extremely robust and very durable.

Trigger 3D Pro-G: Extra soft surface and slim design for perfect gripping power and maximum comfort. Multi-directional release mechanism for greater confidence and security.

Trigger Frame Strap: Wide support area for effective power transfer and a close grip with any glove or mitt for all day comfort and control.

Race Basket - Downhill: Ideal for GS, SG and DH Racing.

Carbide Tip: More precise pole use and perfect grip on snow and ice.