Sherpa 2.0 - 1.25" Bike Rack


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Just like Sherpas in Nepal, renowned for their agility and strength in carrying essentials, the Kuat SHERPA 2.0 follows suit.

If there's such a thing as maximal minimalism, this is it. Have you ever picked up a can of beer and found it too heavy? Unlikely. That's because aluminum cans are lightweight. The SHERPA 2.0 1.5" is entirely aluminum, making it as light as can be. Beer sold separately.


Max Number of Bikes: 2
Max Load Capacity: 80 lbs
Max Bike Weight: 40 lbs
Max Tire Size: 29"
Max Tire Width: 3"
Rack Weight: 35 lbs
Receiver Compatability: 1.25"

- Holds wheelbases up to 47" and tires as large as 3"
- Increased spacing between bikes to 14”
- Lightweight platform rack design as low as 32 lbs. (assembled)
- Wheel size between 20”-29” (20”-24” wheels will require adapter)
- 1.25" hitch size
- Pivot lever with optional foot assist
- Bike lock with matching hitch lock
- Front tire hook design with intuitive release

- Holds wheelbases up to 50" with tire scoops in the down position and tires as large as 5" with use of the Phat Bike Kit (one kit included)

Folding Tire Cradle: Tire cradles fold up and down, so you’ll have plenty of clearance and more than enough aesthetic style points.

Cable Lock: An external cable with a semi-integrated lock makes sure you feel safe stepping away from your ride.

Foot Assisted Pivot System: Hands full? Not a problem. The new pivot allows you to gently drop the rack with a tap of the foot so you can get your ride on the rack without lifting a finger.

Adjustable Ratchet Arm: With one hand you can release and secure the ratchet arm, providing an intuitively snug, no-wobble fit.

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