Reckoner 92 + Strive 14 149cm

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Embark on the twin-tip journey with the K2 Reckoner 92, fulfilling all your wildest dreams from the park to the trees and afternoon chop. Featuring a playful design and a versatile All-Terrain Twin Rocker profile, these skis make you wonder why you waited so long to join the twin-tip train.

Packaged with the Armada Strive 14 GW, this binding delivers a high DIN offering, low center of gravity, and a neutral stance. Get ready for an exhilarating ride with the K2 Reckoner 92 and Armada Strive 14 GW ski package sporting a stylish desert tan/urban camo look.

Ski: K2 Reckoner 92 2024 149cm
Binding: Armada Strive 14 GW Tan


Dimensions: 124 - 92 - 114
Radius: 16.9m
DIN Range: 5 - 14
Sole Compatability: Alpine Norm (5355) & GripWalk (23223)


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