WCR e-GS Rebel 2025 176cm

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The WCR e-GS Rebel brings speed, balance and control to the giant slalom courses of the world. With its reactive wood core, it is stronger, lighter and more powerful than its competitors. If you are looking for the perfect ski to conquer giant slalom courses, this one is your best pick.

Dimensions: 102-65-86
Radius: 23m
Race Plate: Raceplate WCR 14 Short

EMC: Energy Management Circuit – converts kinetic energy into electric energy, that then gets used to absorb negative vibrations.

Graphine Worldcup Sandwich Construction: The basic construction invented by Howard Head in the 1940’s, perfected and hand built by the finest ski technicians in the modern world. The vertical laminate wood core is embraced by speedfreak phenolic sidewalls and the finest Titanal®. This is the fastest contruction on the planet.

RD Racing Top Sheet: A thinner topsheet material designed to maximize responsiveness. Exclusive to Head RD skis.

Race Structured High Speed UHM C base: The highest quality, fastest base and finish known to man. The technicians who build the skis for our Worldcup Rebels use the same material and machines to put this scary fast base and structure into your skis.

Rebel Camber: Some years ago, it was rebellious to have rocker. Now, it’s rebellious to have camber. With Rebel Camber, we feature explosive acceleration and excellent edge grip for the Worldcup Rebel inside you.

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