M-Menace 90 Open 2024 150cm

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Embark on an adventure and leave no run untouched with the Dynastar Menace 90 ski. Tailored for exploration across both the front and backside of your favorite resort, this ski, at 90mm wide, offers versatility and maneuverability in all conditions. With durable cap construction and a poplar wood core, it seamlessly combines durability and high-performance fun. Unleash your skills and conquer every terrain with the Dynastar Menace 90.


Sidecut: 118-90-118
Turn Radius: 16m
Weight: 3100g / pair
Rocker: Tip & Tail Rocker

Poplar Core: Traditional core with a density of 450 g/m3, offering an excellent balance of elasticity, resistance and weight.

Cap Construction: A cap construction combines a core with fiberglass and makes the ski lighter, more forgiving and more maneuverable.

Tip & Tail Rocker: Rocker tip very progressive, limited in length and height, even lighter in heel. The ski pivots more easily, but retains all its grip and performance when cornering. The rocker can also improve the tip of the spatula in varied terrain and powder snow, becoming a decisive attribute for an All Mountain practice.

Fiberglass: The essential fibre. Glass filaments braided according to different weights to bring the ski a perfect balance of resistance, elasticity and dynamism.

Sintered Base: Offers a good balance of glide and durability.