Warden 13 MNC 2024 115mm

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The Atomic Warden 13 MNC binding combines the strength and precision you need on piste with the smooth progressive power transfer you need in deeper snow. It’s ideal if you want one binding for your all-mountain and off-piste skiing. It has an Oversized Platform and U-Power Toe – a super-wide platform that provides maximum lateral power transmission plus precise steering, natural flex and strong dampening. Built for those who love to ski.


Brake Width: 115mm
DIN Range: 4 - 13
Weight (each): 1130g
Sole Compatability: Multi-Norm Certified (Alpine, GripWalk, Touring, Walk-To-Ride)

Multi Norm Certified (MN): Multi Norm certified bindings are TÜV approved, meaning they fit every normed boot in the market..

Low Profile Chassis: A low stand height improves your feel for the terrain and enhances power transmission to the ski.

Manual Toe Height Adjustment: Adjustable toe height to let you switch between different boot norms.

Oversized Platform: A super-wide platform allows for maximum lateral power transmission, especially for wider skis.

Progressive Transfer Pads: Special inserts underneath the toe and heel increase damping and forgiveness.

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