Redster RS SL SQS 2025 115cm


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Serious racing calls for serious poles: Atomic Redster RS SL SQS is a World Cup level slalom pole made from top-grade Ultra Carbon and wrapped with Kevlar, making it exceptionally rigid and strong. The pole comes with the Atomic SQS Safety Quick Release System which instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries, and an Ergonomic Redster Grip (2K) for a firm hold at speed plus a padded adjustable strap. And it’s fully compatible with the toolless Atomic hand guard system.


Size: 46" / 115cm

Safety Quick Release System: SQS instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries.

Carbon Pole Technology: Atomic's high-end carbon poles made from high-grade carbon. Extremely durable, stiff, and light.

3K Kevlar: A super-strong synthetic fiber that wraps around top race poles. Ultra-durable and stiff for racing.

Ergonomic Redster Grip (2K): An ergonomically shaped 2-component grip for a firm hold when skiing at high speeds.

Pro Strap: Our top-of-the-range strap: pre-shaped and padded with a premium finish for a pressure-free hold.

Race Basket (40mm): Slim and aerodynamic with a super stable Carbide tip for high performance.

Carbide Tip: Provides good hold in all snow conditions and added bite on hard snow, ice and rocks.