Redster Jr Pole 2024 80cm


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Equipped with the Redster Junior Grip, the Redster JR is the perfect ski pole for juniors. It’s made from a lightweight aluminum. But because we all know they’re going to get bashed around, we’ve also made sure they’re seriously strong. More than a match for whatever tomorrow’s downhill stars want to hit with it.


Size: 32" / 80cm

Aluminum Pole Techology: Good quality poles made from high-grade aluminum with high-tensile strength.

Ergonomic Jr Grip: An ergonomically shaped junior grip giving little hands a firm hold

Essential Strap: An easy-to-use strap with size adjustment.

Race Basket (40mm): Slim and aerodynamic with a super stable Carbide tip for high performance.

Steel Tip: Offers good hold in all snow conditions and surfaces.