Pandora 84 2024 158cm

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Meet the LINE Pandora 84, the savvy hardpack specialist ready to conquer clear skies and fast snow. Crafted with an Aspenlight™ core, this ski delivers an exceptionally lightweight and stable experience for frontside enthusiasts who occasionally crave off-piste adventures.


Sidecut: 122 - 84 - 110
Turn Radius: 13m
Weight: 1339g


5CUT™ Multi-Radius Sidecut: Five different radiuses are blended into the ski’s sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and an intuitive feel.

Capwall™ Construction: Combining the precision of sidewall underfoot, and the lightweight, durable performance of cap construction in the tip and tail, Capwall™ Construction provides the best of both worlds.

Directional Flex: The softer tip floats & initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides power, stability & high speed control.

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