ARV 94 + Pivot 12 2024 171cm

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Boasting a slightly softer flex compared to its predecessors, the Armada ARV 94 is finely tuned to excel in buttering and pressing, providing stability and pop for confidently tackling the pro line. The AR Freestyle Rocker in the tips and tails ensures minimal hang-ups on rutted-out lips and landings, while also adding a touch of all-conditions versatility for exploring every nook of the mountain. The ARV 94 stands as the ultimate multi-tool of freestyle skis—always ready for anything and built to endure.

When paired with the high-performance Look Pivot 12 ski binding, this dynamic duo sets the gold standard for control and release, catering to the demands of the world's most dedicated skiers. Whether you're carving up the park or conquering diverse mountain terrain, the ARV 94 ski and Look Pivot 12 binding package is your ticket to an exhilarating and masterful skiing experience.

Ski: Armada ARV 94 2024 171cm
Binding: Look Pivot 12 GW 2024 Black


Sidecut: 123 - 94 - 118
Turn Radius: 17m
DIN Range: 4 - 12
Sole Compatability: Alpine Adult (ISO 5355) & GripWalk Adult (ISO 23223)


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