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Barber Pole 11/12 38cm K2 Barber Pole Ski Pole 2012
Barber Pole 2012 38cm
You Save: 60%   
Chicstyle Ski Pole 2013 BLK 46 K2 Chicstyle 2013
The Chicstyle is for the skier who loves the feel of aluminum poles and will never switch. It features a women’s spec...
You Save: 50%   
Power 2014 Cyan 44in K2 Power 2014
The new Power Ski Pole features a 7075 aluminum shaft for added durability and performance. It also comes equipped with ...
Slopestyle 2014 Black 42in K2 Slopestyle 2014
The K2 SlopeStyle women's ski pole is the most affordable full-length composite pole in our women's collection and still...
Pin 2014 Black 38cm Line Pin 2014 Ski Poles
Light and minimalist with all the essentials, including the BMX bike-like grip. Shorter than your dad’s ski poles, but...
You Save: 36%   
Pollard's Paint Brush 2013 44i Line Pollard's Paint Brush Ski Poles 2013
Our highest performance, strongest aluminum, most versatile, lightweight stick with mind-blowing...
You Save: 53%   
Tac 2014 36cm Line Tac 2014 Ski Poles
Simple and to the point... literally! Our most minimalistic, lightest, most affordable stick, with the smallest basket &...
You Save: 33%   
Whip 2014 42cm Line Whip 2014 Ski Poles
New Flexible fiberglass construction of this ski pole improves durability while maintaining an aluminum-like sturdy feel...
You Save: 43%   
Pro Taper 11/12 44in Scott Wintersports Pro Taper Ski Pole 2014
Pro Taper Ski Pole 2014
You Save: 33%   
RS-12 2014 48in Scott Wintersports RS-12 2014 Ski Pole
You Save: 30%   
Jr Hero 11/12 36in Scott Wintersports Scott Jr. Hero 2011/2012
Your junior skier will be a mountain hero with the JR Hero Ski Pole. This pole by Scott is created just right for smalle...
You Save: 60%   
JR WC SL 11/12 38in Scott Wintersports Scott Jr. World Cup SL
Ski poles made specifically for junior skiers obviously come in handy, but they are even better when they offer a great ...
You Save: 29%   
Koko 44in Turquoise Scott Wintersports Scott Koko
Named after a gorilla that learned sign language (probably not true) is the Scott Koko Ski Poles. Light weight design, s...
You Save: 29%   
Remit 2013 40in Scott Wintersports Scott Remit 2013
The Remit is equipped with a powder basket to guarantee the best performance off-piste.
You Save: 44%   
Team Issue 2013 38in Scott Wintersports Scott Team Issue 2013
The Team Issue features the most stable aluminum shaft and a light strap for comfort and performance. The world’s most...
You Save: 17%   
WC GS 44in Scott Wintersports Scott World Cup GS
Curved for your speed and agility, bright and vibrant for your style and equipped with features for your comfort is the ...
You Save: 33%   
SRD WC GS 130cm SKi Racing Development WorldCup Giant Slalom Ski Pole
SRD's latest World-Cup level giant slalom bent race poles are made in Italy from aircraft-grade 7075 18mm aluminum for s...
You Save: 19%   
SRD WC SL 125cm SKi Racing Development WorldCup Slalom Ski Pole
SRD's latest World-Cup level slalom straight-shaft race poles are made in Italy from aircraft-grade 7075 18mm aluminum f...
You Save: 19%   
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